Executive Committe, Chair Richard Earnest

  • Recruiting new residents, merchants and commercial property owners to support revitalization programs in downtown Del Mar
  • Advocating both locally and regionally for programs to enhance downtown Del Mar
  • Working with the City of Del Mar on local, state and regional programs to encourage revitalization of downtown Del Mar
  • Managing, training and educating new community volunteers, staff and interns and others on the Main Street approach to revitalization
  • Fundraising for the downtown revitalization programs
  • Meet all of the requirements for a Certified Main Street


Del Mar History Committee, Chair Bing Bush

  • Coordinates downtown historic points of interest tours
  • Created the first in a series of holiday ornaments depicting downtown Del Mar historic points of interest (Second in the series due out in 2013)
  • Educator on downtown Del Mar history
  • Developing a new downtown historic points of interest walking tour with plaques and interactive discussions of each of the points of interest

Design Committee, Chair Bob Scott

  • Past Projects
    • Designed, installed and partnered with the City of Del Mar in the funding of 2 entrance signs for Del Mar.  See Del Mar Entrance Signs
    • Coordinated and funded public art in the downtown for the community to enjoy.  See Public Art
  • New and Continuing Projects
    • Designed, coordinated and funded a city wide event banner program to showcase all of the community events in Del Mar along with the design, coordination and funding of banners and lights celebrating the holidays. See Downtown Event BannersDel Mar 50th Anniversary Banner Holiday Banners, and Holiday Lights
    • Designed, installed and and donated to the City of Del Mar three Lifeguard Station downtown directories/maps to connect beach visitors to downtown Del Mar. These signs are updated yearly with new businesses and points of interest.  See Lifeguard Directories/Maps
    • Designed, installed and donated to the City of Del Mar 5 directories/maps signs including all downtown Del Mar businesses, parking and points of interest.These signs are updated yearly with new businesses and points of interest  See Downtown Del Mar Directory Signs
  • Developed a downtown “Go Green” programs to improve special event recycling, downtown container recycling and improved commercial area recycling
  • Developed, installed and funded 15 downtown dual recycling/trash cans and conducted a pilot program to track diversion from these receptacles to qualify for a state conservation grant.  Continue to administer sponsorship program for streetscape.
  • Developed, installed and funded 15 downtown Del Mar benches along Camino Del Mar and 15th Street and obtained a matching grant from the County of San Diego.  Continue to administer sponsorship program for streetscape.
  • Developed, installed and funded 4 downtown Del Mar bike racks along Camino Del Mar and 15th Street. Continue to administer sponsorship program for streetscape.
  • Continuing to identify and fund new streetscape and other design improvements to improve the pedestrian experience in downtown Del Mar
  • Working on transportation and parking improvement issues with local and regional resources, such as the Fairgrounds and Racetrack shuttle and parking directional signage
  • Currently evaluating a utility box beautification project in downtown Del Mar
  • Currently evaluating a facade improvement program with matching grants to stimulate reinvestment in downtown buildings
  • Currently evaluating the L’Auberge amphitheater improvements
  • Currently evaluating the Del Mar Community and Visitor Center streetscape improvements
  • Continuing to identify programs to beautify downtown Del Mar

Promotion~Events Committee, Chair Karen Powell

  • Developing cultural events such as art and music programs for downtown Del Mar to encourage residents and visitors to stay, dine, and play in downtown Del Mar
  • Continuing to expand and develop signature community events such as Summer Solstice, Taste & Art Stroll in Del Mar, Annual Holiday Wonderland and Holiday Tree Lighting,  and other special events Click Here
  • Continue to host Del Mar Village restaurant tastings, vintner dinners, grand openings and community celebrations
  • Continuing to support collaborative events such as the Breast Cancer 3Day Walk through Del Mar, Del Mar History event, Fairground and Racetrack Events etc.
  • Continuing to work with new ideas for special events in Del Mar such as Film Festivals, Bike and Running Races etc.

Promotion~Marketing Committee, Chair Jennifer McClellan

Business Assistance Committee, Chair KC Vafiadis

  • Conduct business seminars and breakfasts for downtown merchants to educate downtown Del Mar businesses on key local and regional issues
  • Continuing to fund and expand valet program for the downtown June-September. See Valet Program
  • Continuing the Ombudsman program for downtown to help work on resolution of downtown issues
  • Continuing to work with the City of Del Mar and businesses on new downtown projects proposed for Del Mar 
  • Continue to track demographics, employees, land use and other pertinent data on downtown Del Mar
  • Continuing to work with potential new businesses and recruiting new businesses
  • Continue to work Visit Del Mar on the Del Mar Tourist Business Improvement District marketing programming
  • Continuing to link to vacant downtown properties to help commercial property owners

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