We encourage anyone who cares about the history and the future of Del Mar Village to join in our efforts today!

DMVA Village Circle of Friends Contribution Levels

Del Mar


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You are invited to join in the efforts of the Del Mar Village Association, Mainstreet Program. The Del Mar Village Association (DMVA) is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization devoted to the revitalization and historic preservation of Del Mar. We are committed to assisting residents, local businesses and commercial property owners in enhancing downtown Del Mar,preserving Del Mar’s history and unique character, boosting business, and promoting a healthy community where people want to live, play, visit and work. See our Current Projects.

When we seek support for Del Mar’s revitalization and historic preservation, we want city officials, legislators, media and public and private agencies to know the number of people that back DMVA’s efforts. Numbers do count!

While creating a greater downtown economy and preserving history is a serious concern, we also focus on bringing the community together for meetings, workshops, seminars and special events. An elected Board of Directors of Del Mar residents, commerical property owners, and businesess oversees the organization, drawing resources and manpower from all segments of the community.


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